Canal B - Radio curieuse
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Avoir 15 ans en Bretagne

Une série documentaire produite par les radios associatives de la CORLAB et le Festival Longueur d'Ondes.

Béchamel Cha Cha
Béchamel Cha Cha

Boogaloo aquatique, jerks hawaiens, cochonneries diverses..

LSD c' est exquis

The Association : Along comes Mary

The Happenings : You 're in a bad way

Paul Revere & The Raiders : Kicks

The Torchbearers : Know they 're you

The Zipps : Marijuana

The Outsiders : Monkey on your back

The Gregorians : Dialated eyes

The Avengers : Waterpipe

The Hamilton Streetcar : Flash

The Deep : Pink ether

Pisces : Mary

The Birdwatchers : Mary, Mary

Listening : stoned is...

The Fantastic Zoo : Light show

Mike Curb : Pot party

The Merchants of Dream : (We are) Dreams vendors

The King' s Horse : Trip

Beau Allen : Pusherman

The International Brick : You should be so high

The Bees : Voices green and purple

The Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2 : I wanna come back (from the world of LSD)

Tommy Jett : Groovy little trip

The Wild Things : A. C. I. D.

The Night Patrol : Trippin'

Stu Mitchell : Acid

The Seeds : Mr Farmer

Harihar Rao & The Folkswingers : Along comes Mary

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