Canal B - Radio curieuse
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Avoir 15 ans en Bretagne

Une série documentaire produite par les radios associatives de la CORLAB et le Festival Longueur d'Ondes.

Béchamel Cha Cha
Béchamel Cha Cha

Boogaloo aquatique, jerks hawaiens, cochonneries diverses..

Kangourou cha cha

Charlie Drake : My boomerang won' t come back

The Leprechauns : Rain

Tony Cole : Beat it

Reggie Norton & The Ideas : Take it easy

The Fabulous Blue Jays : I' ll make you cry too

Derek' s Accent : Ain' t got no feeling

The Lincolns : You can' t come round anymore

The Elois : By my side

The Atlantics : It' s a hard life

Ray Brown & The Whispers : Help me

The Gemini 5 : No, no, no, no

Vyt & The World : Why do I cry

The Sunday : Many Mary

The Jet Set : What did the man say?

The Tol-Puddle Martyrs : Social cell

The Master' s Apprentices : War or hands of time

The Easybeats : Station on Third Avenue

Simon De Sade : Girl

The Vegetable Garden : Hypnotic suggestion

The Executives : Moving in a circle

Jeff St John & The Id : Eastern dream

Russell Morris : The Real thing

The Easybeats : Watch me burn

The Frowning Clouds : Much to much too soon

Roger Whittaker : Chang Alip

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