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Avoir 15 ans en Bretagne

Une série documentaire produite par les radios associatives de la CORLAB et le Festival Longueur d'Ondes.

Face Up
Face Up

Emission de sur l'actualité des scènes Hardcore, Punk et Metal.
Un vendredi sur deux de 23h à 1h

Face Up #12


Cobra Jaune Today is a cold day Today is a cold day
Gunners By All Means By All Means
The Horny Bitches Rebel Shut up and Be Nice
Komintern Sect Comme un chien Comme un chien
Les Rats C'est des moutons France profondes vol 3
Guillotine A Cran Tout Doit Disparaitre
Burning Heads Quelle sacrée revanche (feat. Lion Law) Under Their Influence
Obnoxious! Not too old for this shit Not too old for this shit
Capricörn I Know Speed
Monde de Merde No Means No The Mess
Unlogistic J'ai rendu l'âme Still
Makruh Aghast Makruh
Militarie Gun Ain’t No Flowers All Roads Lead To The Gun
Quicksand Lightning Field Distant Populations
Last Hounds Bleed Bleed
The Last Stand I Can't Look Back From the East Coast to the West Coast
One Choice Clarity From the East Coast to the West Coast
Uno a Uno El Último en Caer Indestructible
Dare Different Method Different Method
Drain Watch You Burn Watch You Burn
Adult Crush No Love No Love
AC4 Where Are The Kids AC4
The (International) Noise Conspiracy Smash It Up! Survival Sickness
Fake Names Running Fake Names EP
Refused Born On The Outs The Malignant Fire
Ministry Good Trouble Moral Hygiene
3TEETH Paralyze (feat. Ho99o9) Paralyze (feat. Ho99o9)
Lair Of The White Worm Bankrupt Morality Lair Of The White Worm
Dark Sky Burial Beware your Subconcious Destroyer Vincit Qui Se Vincit

Face Up #10

Emission avec Jonathan et Xavier de Enterntaint The Terror


Wet Leg Chaise Longue Chaise Longue
The Linda Lindas Oh! Oh!
Bishops Green Waiting Waiting
Mess True Love Intercity
Kirkby Kiss Human Resources Listen Closely
Scowl Reality After Reality... Reality After Reality...
Kingpin Inception Ultima Ratio
Undeground Society Self change Dreadful Days
MOVE BHC Beyond Reform Freedom Dreams
Fox Lake Born 2 Lose Lady Luck
Entertain the Terror Free Hate Love Your Hangman
Inclinantion Fruition America's Hardcore Compilation: Volume 5
Ekulu Pick Your Fight Unscrew My Head
Dead Heat 2 Cents World At War
Crisix World Needs Mosh World Needs Mosh
Sepultura Brave New World Sepulquarta
Carcass Kelly's Meat Emporium Torn Arteries
Creeping Death The Edge of Existence The Edge of Existence
BLOODHOUND Invocation Black Masses
Gummo Kreak, Krake, Kraken A Fresh Breath On The Neck
The Unseen Paint It Black State Of Discontent

Face Up #9


Hateful Monday The Freak Parade The Freak Parade
Uncommonmenfrommars Dead inside Scars are reminders
Les Sheriff Jouer avec le feu Bang!
Blackfire [Silence] Is A Weapon [Silence] Is A Weapon
Appropriation Violator Appropriation
Witch Fever In the Resurrect In the Resurrect
Brain Cave Promotion to Autopilot Promotion to Autopilot
Supermodel Stitches Yellow Groundswell Second Drop
Slug Green Eyes Summer Songs 2021
Band of Bastards Ruined Delete. Repeat.
The Deadline Who Failed Who? Demo
Time and Pressure Theseus Theseus
Section H8
Streetsweeper Welcome to the Nightmare
Illegal Corpse Green War Riding Another Toxic Wave
Mantlet Into Tha Ground Concrete Crucifixion
Heaven Shall Burn Protector Of Truth And Sacrifice
Promethee Spirits Fall Spirits Fall
End Pariah Splinters from an Ever-Changing Face
Structures Planet of Garbage None of the Above
Weston Super Maim 180-Degree Murder 180-Degree Murder
Fawn Limbs Noose Gestures Noose Gestures
Old Man Gloom Willing Vessel Willing Vessel
Amenra De Evenmens De Doorn
Forest Pooky Lifetime Bus Stop A tribute to Uncommonmenfrommars - Revenge of the Martians Vol.1

Face Up #8


Radkey Seize Green Room
The Crew One Voice One Voice
The Interrupters Take Back The Power Live In Tokyo!
Amyl and The Sniffers Guided by Angels Guided by Angels
Los Pepes I Want You Back Want You Back​ / ​Never Get It Right
Winnebago Deal L.S. Fiction Dead Gone
Bala Hoy No Maleza
Red Fang Funeral Coach Arrow
Danko Jones Flaunt It Power trio
The Bronx Superbloom Bronx VI
Bloody Head Your World Is As Old As You The Temple Pillars Dissolve Into The Clouds
Mannequin Pussy
Perfect Perfect
Chain Whip Death Was Too Kind Two Step To Hell
Deletär Echec Postponed Pleasure
Turquoise Apocalypse Hantise
Starving Wolves Never Touch the Ground True Fire
Corrupt Vision Friends Like These These Hands of Mine
Black Mantra S.U.V (Sick & Useless Vanity) Intérieur Déter Split
The Circle Jerks Live Fast Die Young Group Sex
OFF ! Holier Than Thou Metallica Blacklist
Soul Glo Nigga Don't Uplift Me DisNigga, Vol. 2
Xiao Love your Smell Pain
Capra The Locust Preacher In Transmission
FAIM Hollow Hope Hollow Hope
Get Real Just for the Best Rise
Dissident FFR FFR
Ghetto Ghouls Surf Nazis Must Die! The Horror of Party Beach
Convince Мёртвый Сезон Russian Jawbreaker
Cell Rot Strangelove Cell Rot
Regional Justice Center Taught to Steal Crime and Punishment
Volp Venal Volp
Sheeva Yoga Je suis Charlie - Je suis Voltaire Vanitas Vanitatum
Sheeva Yoga Je suis Lidl - Voltaire of Color Vanitas Vanitatum
Eighty The Ride The Ride

Face Up #7

IDLES Damaged Goods The Problem of Leisure: A
celebration of Andy Gill and Gang of Four
Tumbas Dolor Dolor
Nightwatchers 1905 & The Muslim Exception Nightwatchers
syndrome 81 traffic loubards sensibles
Cuir Cut Cut Album
Cave Ne Cadas Bankster of Death Era of Rupture
Chouch'N'Molotov Ad Vitam Aeternam Chouch'N'Molotov
Et On Tuera Tous Les Affreux 1312 Mange Tes Morts
Stateless Filthy System Humanity Lost
Suppose It's War Bastards Domination Bastards Domination
Burning Heads Uphill Struggle Under Their Influence
Descendents Nightage Nightage
7seconds Young 'Til I Die Young 'Til I Die
Turnstile Mystery Mystery
Change Change Closer Still
Regret Do You Believe Regret
Mindz Eye Brain Wavez True Blue
X Regressions X Disavow The Sins From Which We Abstain
Happy Fist Nightmare Live Fire
Eternal Struggle Indoctrination Year of the Gun
Purgatory Loyalty Denied Lawless to Grave
Machine Head Rotten Arrows in Words from the Sky
G//Z/R Drive Boy, Shooting Plastic Planet
Fear Factory Zero Signal Demanufacture
Health + Nine Inch Nails Isn’t everyone Isn’t everyone
Dead. Disappear Dreams

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