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Avoir 15 ans en Bretagne

Une série documentaire produite par les radios associatives de la CORLAB et le Festival Longueur d'Ondes.

La Sieste
La Sieste

À 14H00, personne ne résiste à l'appel de la Sieste de Canal B.

La Sieste 21 août 21 : Tomorrow is a long time (Johnny Clash)

Johnny Clash / mai 2018 / 52min35

“When you jump from yer bed, from yer last chapter of dreamin'
And you can't remember for the best of yer thinking
If that was you in the dream that was screaming
And you know that there's no drug that'll do for the healin'
And no liquor in the land to stop yer brain from bleeding
And you need something special”

01 The Beach Boys / Our Prayer
02 Josephine Foster / I’m a Dreamer
03 Fats Waller / Little Curly Hair in a High Chair
04 Beck / Sleeping Bag
05 Pavement / Strings of Nashville
06 Kurt Vile / Beach on the Moon
07 Laura Marling / You Know
08 John Martyn / A Day at the Sea
09 NicoI’ll Keep It With Mine
10 Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou / The Homeless Wanderer
11 Angel Olsen / Drunk and With Dreams
12 Vashti Bunyan / Train Song
13 The Monkees / As We Go Along
14 Jean-Luc Le Ténia / L’Infinitude du Monde
15 Urlika Spacek / Ease Yourself and Glide
16 Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band / I’m Glad
17 Nick Drake / Horn

Cette sieste contient des extraits de la bande-originale du film Jackie composée par Mica Levi  et du poème Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie écrit et lu par Bob Dylan le 12 avril 1963.

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